We are excited to announce that we are now available on the Google Play Store!

We wanted to create something different.  Something that took the awkwardness and ‘surface’ scanning of other dating apps out of the equation. Something that matched you with others who share the same passions and make it fun. Not embarrassing and not something just rehashed – a fresh and new take on how you can find someone where that first conversation is the easiest one you’ve had.

This is an app that we wish we had once upon a time. We wish we had an app that could connect us with someone where we knew that common footing was already there, instead of sifting through chat rooms, coffee shops, bars and set-ups by friends that went horribly, awkwardly wrong.

In just a few short days, mN will also be available in the iTunes store! We’ll be sure to let you know when it is – until then, nerd out with us, have fun with this new way to find those with your interests.

To infinity and beyond!