mN Dial PicAnd when I go there

I go there with you

(It’s all I can do).

–  U2, Where The Streets Have No Name

In “Rattle and Hum,” U2 drummer Larry Mullen Jr. said their quest to capture the essence of America was a ‘musical journey.’

For us with mingleNerds (mN), it was a journey as well.

A journey that started with a simple and sincere idea –the best dates and friendships start with the best conversations. But what happens after that is up to us.

We all know that life is complicated.

But common interests, added with maybe luck and timing, give all of us a good chance of having a meaningful long-term relationship with others.

This app started with three friends with three different skill sets. We all have full-time, demanding jobs, so it was difficult trying to execute mN when all of us were being pulled in multiple directions all the time.

It took longer than expected, and we learned a lot along the way.

But that’s the life of every entrepreneur.

It starts with an idea –> execute –> mess up –> learn –> try to make better –> mess up again –> adapt –> get the team right –> keep going…

“get the team right”

That’s critical in any business. It’s even more important than the idea itself.

A long time ago, two friends were having drinks at a bar, and when they asked the bartender for two checks, she brought over two Jacks instead.

That same person went through her own life journey and it eventually brought her to mingleNerds – founded by one of the guys who enjoyed that Jack Daniels instead of getting his check!

And what did she do for mN?

She provided great suggestions on improving the app, both aesthetic and functional. She forced a bunch of guys to look at things a little differently. She cares so much about the idea, enough to trust her valuable time to work on it. Now she’s a part of the mN team.

Lots of people, named and unnamed (friends, family, companies and others), helped us with this app because they believed in the idea.

So what you see now is essentially v2.0 of mN. It’s not perfect, nor will it ever be perfect. No app is ever perfect. But this is our starting off point, and it will evolve.

We have great ideas to make this fun and productive for everyone – you, businesses, everyone around the world.

The right team, the journey, they are all universal concepts. But just as important is the depth of people…

So, what are you really into? 🙂