“Search Your Feelings…You Know it to be True”

–  Darth Vader, The Empire Strikes Back

We created this App with the belief that people connect the best when they have common passions and interests, and those passions and interests translate into easy and interesting first conversations.

From the time we soft-launched this App in late-July 2016 until our formal launch now, nothing has changed our belief in this concept. We’ve received great reviews from our early users, listened to them, made some changes and now we are ready to roll!

The best things in business take time and TLC, and the same can be said of relationships, whether romantic or otherwise. This App was built to make you more than just a picture in an App – we created it so you can connect with others with similar interests and have fun! After all, who are we to disagree with Mr. Vader:

The Best Dates Start with the Best Conversations…You Know it to be True.