Have you ever been on a date where you talked for hours but it only seemed like minutes?

When that happened, what did you talk about?

Was it common interests? Or nervous small talk?

We bet it was a great conversation based on interests you both shared in common.  That’s why we built this dating app.

There are tons of dating sites, most of which focus on basic features like looks, age, and career – but not on how comfortable that first conversation will be.

Our goal is to focus on connecting people with common interests. We want to help you find someone you really like, that you can speak with for hours and form a real connection with.

But why call it mingleNerds?

The word ‘nerd’ has evolved. It no longer connotes a socially awkward person who wears glasses. Today, it’s very different – it’s about someone’s passions.

You might be a Movie Nerd, a Comic Nerd, an Art Nerd, a Beer Nerd, a Science Nerd, a Music Nerd, or a Nerd in any one of thousands of areas.

If you’re really passionate about something, you’re going to be nerdy about it….and, you know, that’s a good thing!

So be more than just a picture in an app.  The best dates start with the best conversations.

Connect with others with similar interests, go out on a fun date, or create new friendships!